March 23, 2023

Red Floyd’s Roger Waters Calls For Peace In Ukraine In UN Security Council Meeting

Despite the musician condemning Russia’s invasion as ‘illegal, ‘ media upset he said NATO ‘provoked’ Putin

Legendary musician and Pink Floyd founding member Roger Waters delivered an epic speech at Wednesday’s U. N. Security Council meeting after Russia required he address the 15-member body.

While briefing the group, Oceans expressed his appreciation for your opportunity and explained his goal was to discuss possible peaceful solutions that could end the war in Ukraine.

The guitar player and vocalist specifically asked the five permanent nations in the authorities, China, France, Russia, the particular U. K., and the Oughout. S., what their general goals are.

“ What are your goals? ” he asked the representatives of the powerful countries. “ What is the pot of precious metal at the end of the rainbow? Bigger profits for war industrial sectors? More power globally? A bigger share of the global cake? Is Mother Earth a cake to be gobbled up? Does not a bigger share of the cake imply less for everyone else? ”

Waters continued to suggest the diplomats put themselves in the shoes and boots of the average person across the world, which includes war-torn Ukraine.

He warned, “ Your own wars will destroy the planet that is our home, and along with every other living factor, we will be sacrificed on the church of two things; revenue from the war to collection the pockets of the very, very few and the hegemonic march associated with some empire or some other towards unipolar world dominance, superiority. Please reassure us that that is not your vision intended for there is no good outcome down that road. That street leads only to disaster. ”

Next, the particular musician speaking at the request of Russia condemned Putin’s invasion of Ukraine simply by calling it “ illegal” but did note the particular Russians were provoked by NATO countries.

The “ Another Brick in the Wall” writer informed the United Nations group “ the only sensible action is definitely an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine” and said not one more Russian or Ukrainian lifetime should be lost as “ they’re all precious. ”

Concluding his speech, Waters asked the particular powers that be in order to “ drop the arms race and perpetual battle as their accepted modus operandi. ”

“ We can stop squandering every our precious resources upon war. We can feed our kids, we can keep them warm. We might even learn to cooperate with all our brothers and sisters and even conserve our beautiful planet home from destruction. Wouldn’t that be nice? ” he or she rhetorically asked.

While Waters called away Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as “ illegal” and said he condemned this to their UN diplomat’s face, the mainstream media made a decision to focus on his accurate opinion that the invasion was “ provoked” by the West plus ignored his criticism of Russia.

The particular establishment has the war-hungry masses extremely triggered about an old-school hippy doing his best to call for peace.

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