Watch: Pfizer CEO Bourla Ignores Questions As His Security Assaults Female Reporter

Project Veritas catches Large Pharma head attending Republican Governor’s Association meeting

Project Veritas released a video on Thursday showing reporters attempting to ask Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla if your dog is worried about being called in order to testify before congress among other things.

Since Bourla was escorted by means of hallways by Pfizer protection, a female journalist asked in case he had a comment on the particular remarks made by Pfizer Movie director of Research and Development , Proper Operation and mRNA Medical Planning Jordon Walker in a recent Veritas exposé.

Bourla never answered any of the questions and one of his security associates repeatedly assaulted a female reporter as she simply provided with her microphone.

After ignoring the particular journalists, Bourla made his way into a closed-door conference and hotel staff known as security on the Project Veritas staff despite the fact they had an area at the inn.

The event was reportedly hosted by the Republican Governor’s Association, which may disturb many very conservative opposed to the experimental mRNA jabs.

Finishing the report, Veritas questioned if meetings with open public officials like the GOP governors are the way Pfizer has the capacity to skirt government oversight.

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