Elon Musk Retweets Hilarious Movie of Alex Jones & Joe Rogan Discussing Space Aliens

Twitter CEO cracks up at edit of Jones plus Rogan dressed in Warhammer 40K suits discussing the different classifications of alien species.

Twitter TOP DOG Elon Musk appeared highly amused by a viral video of Alex Jones and Joe Rogan donned in futuristic space suits talking about the dangers of aliens.

The video modify shows Rogan asking Jones, both of whom are wearing suits from the video gaming Warhammer 40K, what he or she knows about space aliens, who is at first reluctant to go in it before launching in a full-on breakdown of the different peculiar types.

“ Well first off, elves will be the main group, ” Jones tells Rogan matter-of-factly. “ Clockwork elves. ”

Rogan cut in, “ I don’t think you’re permitted to say that anymore. ”

“ There are poor things that look like elves which have horns when they show you who else they really are, ” Jones continued. “ They’re bad aliens. ”

“ AI is alien, ” he added.

Rogan: “ Like a automatic robot? ”

“ There are robots comin’ to kill ya, ” Jones says.

Musk reacted to the video using a “ tears of joy” emoji on Saturday.

But he was not the only one. Many users upon social media loved it!

Despite Musk’s positive reaction to the video, Alex Jones continues to be banned on Twitter, yet hopefully he will realize totally free speech is for everyone plus reinstate the Infowars originator someday.

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