March 25, 2023

Movie: KJP Struggles To Describe NORAD While Explaining UFO Photo Down Over ‘Canadia’

White-colored House press secretary stumbles and bumbles Biden-style.

White House press admin Karine Jean-Pierre made various gaffes while trying to describe how a UFO was shot down by U. Ersus. forces in Canadian airspace on Saturday .

During an appearance on MSNBC Sunday, Jean-Pierre was asked why the U. S. shot lower an unidentified aircraft upon Canada’s behalf.

“ Because it’s section of NORAD. There’s, uh, the NORAD is part of like a, part of a— it’s a, it’s a, whatever you call, a coalition – “

“ A consortium. A pact of nations, ” web host Jonathon Capehart broke within.

“ A pact. Exactly, ” she agreed.

Jean-Pierre not only struggled to describe NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), but she laughably mispronounced Canada while doing this.

“ And so, that’s why were were able to do that. We didn’t do it on this own. We did it clearly in step with CANADIA, ” she said.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had announced Saturday that a U. S. Raptor F-22 shot down the “ unidentified object” over the Yukon, only a day after U. S. forces also photo down a UFO over Alaska.

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