March 30, 2023

Memes Expose UFO Phenomenon Since Distraction From Nord Flow, Covid, Epstein & A lot more

The elite are pulling the wool over the eyes of the public

With four flying objects lately shot down over America, the internet plus media are freaking out over the potential of aliens in UFOs being the particular culprits behind the strange aircraft.

The U. S. Pentagon fueled suspicions by declining to rule out the possibility that the particular objects are alien.

The particular masses, holding a newly found distrust of the government within the aftermath of the disastrous Covid-19 pandemic, were quick to point out the whole “ UFO” craze appears to be a distraction through recent news.

For example , several memes joked the UFO frenzy was intentionally launched just as information came out showing the Biden administration was behind the particular explosion from the Nord Stream pipelines.

Another meme suggested the UFO “ psyop” was meant to take attention away from soon-to-be-released court documents that will allegedly reveal the names of Jeffrey Epstein associates.

One meme joked in regards to the elite distracting people from the collapsing Covid narrative with all the release of UFOs.

The UFO tale is also taking media attention away from the toxic train derailment in Ohio.

Internet sleuths unearthed the clip from the show “ X-Files” detailing a fake alien invasion scenario.

See a lot more out-of-this-world memes below!

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