March 29, 2023

Report: Ukrainian Military Shoots Down Six Russian Spy Balloons

Have the mysterious balloons entered the war zone?

According to Ukrainian authorities, six Russian spy balloons have been shot down over the capital city of Kyiv this week.

Alleged footage of one of the balloons being shot down was posted to social media Tuesday.

An image uploaded to Twitter reportedly shows one of the downed objects, complete with radar corner reflectors.

On Wednesday, air raid sirens rang out in Kyiv with the region’s military administration writing on Telegram, “Aerial targets were detected in the sky over the Kyiv region. As a result air defense kicked into action. Keep calm and stay in shelters!”

The Ukrainian military suggested, “The purpose of launching the balloons was possibly to detect and exhaust our air defenses.”

Using expensive missiles on harmless and cheap balloons may be a good way to deplete Ukrainian forces of their already limited arsenal.

It’s still not totally clear what is going on with these mysterious balloons being spotted across the globe, but we’re surely not being told the truth.

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