March 25, 2023

Watch! Alex Jones Was Right About Epstein From the Beginning, Says Joe Rogan

Rogan impersonates the Infowars founder describing the Epstein blackmail child trafficking network in a hilarious anecdote.

Alex Jones was dead-on right about Jeffrey Epstein and his criminal blackmail trafficking network many years before the rest of the world learned about it, podcaster Joe Rogan proclaimed.

“He used to always tell me about this Epstein shit. He told me about it more than a decade ago. And I was like, ‘wait a minute, what?’” Rogan told guest Blaire White Monday on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Rogan impersonated Alex Jones giving the inside baseball:

“And he’s like, ‘There’s a f*ckin’ island, they take ’em to this island and compromise them, they have these hidden cameras, they get them all liquored up and they bring ’em around these beautiful women, they probably don’t even know these girls are underage, and next thing you know they got video of them f*ckin’ these underage girls. And that’s how they get policies passed, and that’s how they have all this dirt on people. And then they bring in other people into the fold, they’ll reach out and try to bring other people in…”

“I was at the time he was saying that, I was like ‘this is crazy. This is one of them crazy things he says.’ But then I remembered Bohemian Grove. Because he was always talking about Bohemian Grove,” Rogan continued, referring to the secretive annual confab of global elites in Monte Rio, California, which Jones exposed in 2000.

“He was like ‘There’s a place they go. They worship Moloch, the Owl God, they dress in robes!” he exclaimed.

Rogan said that despite Jones’ antics, he’s deeply researched the illicit activities of the Deep State and the New World Order.

“When you find out all this shit about Fuck Island with [Ghislaine] Maxwell and Epstein is real, when you find out the government really did do a thing called Operation Northwoods where they were planning on blowing up a drone jetliner and blaming it on the Cubans, and arming Cuban friendlies and having them attack Guantanamo Bay and kill American soldiers,” Rogan said, “And they were going to blame this on Cuba so we could go to war with Cuba. He was telling me about that years ago too. I was like, ‘What the f*ck are you talking about?’ But then you read about in the Freedom of Information Act, and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, this is all true.’ All he does is do that all day, his whole day.”

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