Flashback: City of 40,000 Native Americans Conducted Daily Ritual Sacrifices of Virgins

But remember, all Native Americans were peaceful and loving and perfect, and only the white man is the villain of history.

Nearly 1,000 years ago, the City of Cahokia, near present-day St. Louis, Missouri, was home to 40,000 Native Americans who routinely engaged in ritual human sacrifice of virgin women to appease their heathen gods.

From Memories of the Prairie:

The mounds are the remnants of a civilization that built cities along the Mississippi River and its tributaries. Cahokia mounds near East St. Louis, IL, was the largest Mississippian settlement. It was also the largest city north of the Meso-American metropolises of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Olmecs. Like Meso-American cultures, the Mississippian culture was adept in agriculture, astronomy, trading, pottery making and more.

The people in Cahokia also practiced human sacrifice. Excavations in 1967 uncovered a mass burial on the site of Mound 72. Around 280 skeletons were uncovered. Around 80% of the bodies were young women. They were placedin neat rows, without signs of trauma. They were likely killed by strangulation or blood-letting.

Cahokia eventually collapsed under a multitude of circumstances, including deforestation, sanitary conditions, flooding, and some theorize warfare.

All that’s left are large mounds of the pyramids left behind.

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec brought attention to the once-thriving Native American metropolis on Saturday for a “Map Break.”

Numerous users on social media piled on, comparing the ancient society and its ritualistic sacrifices to present-day liberals and their love of abortion and transgenderism and adherence to COVID rules.

Others called out the liberal whitewashing of Native American history.

Notably, the liberal ideology still shares that sacrificial mindset, only their god is now climate change — and it must be appeased at all costs.

After all, the global elites are calling for us all to collectively make sacrifices to save the planet, like eating bugs, living in pods, abandoning air travel, banning gas stoves, cow farts, and fertilizer, and paying carbon taxes.

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