March 30, 2023

Political Left & Right Unite To Protest Ukraine War In Washington

The anti-war protest on Sunday will call for peace negotiations in Ukraine and the end of military aid.

A large rally dubbed ‘Rage Against The War Machine‘ has been announced for Washington DC on Sunday, with thousands set to march to the White House to demand peace in Ukraine and an end to US military funding for Kiev.  

The march, organized by the Libertarian and People’s Parties, promises to be the largest US anti-war rally since the protests against the Iraq War in 2003. It is set to feature speakers from across the political spectrum, including former US Senator Ron Paul, former presidential nominee Tulsi Gabbard, and comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore.  

On their website, organizers have laid out the demands they intend to deliver to “warmonger-in-chief Joe Biden.” The points include “not one more penny for war in Ukraine,” the disbandment of NATO, slashing the Pentagon budget, abolishing the CIA, and freeing Julian Assange. 

Speaking to FOX News host Tucker Carlson, Tara Reade – one of the speakers due to appear at the rally – argued that Americans are fed up with seeing their government spend almost $100 billion in aid to Ukraine while problems at home are being ignored. “Our infrastructure is falling apart. America is becoming a failed state,” she explained. 

Reade also insisted that the US and NATO were responsible for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which she said started back in 2014 during the Western-sponsored Maidan coup. 

“The speakers are all gathering to ask to abolish NATO, because it’s not a peacekeeping force, it’s an aggressive force that’s been pushing up against the borders of Russia, and now we’re getting closer to the brink of WWIII,” Reade added. 

According to the Rage Against War website, the rally is set to start at the Lincoln Memorial at 12:30pm on Sunday, marking almost one year since the start of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, as well as Presidents’ Day Weekend.

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