March 29, 2023

Bumbling Biden Falls Up Stairs AGAIN Departing Warsaw After WWIII Saber-Rattling

Another instance of puppet president tripping over himself walking up stairs to Air Force One in front of the world.

Puppet president Joe Biden once again broadcast his and America’s weakness on Wednesday after stumbling up the stairs to Air Force One departing Warsaw, Poland.

After posturing for World War III in several photo-ops and speeches over the last couple of days, video shows Biden walking up the two flights of stairs heading up to Air Force One before tripping over himself — again.

Biden has routinely stumbled and tripped up the stairs to Air Force One, or while stationary on his bike for that matter, since capturing the White House.

This incident is particularly painful to witness given he was just rallying NATO and the West to continue defending Ukraine against Russia in a Winston Churchill-style call to action.

Contrast Biden’s pathetic display with former President Donald Trump, who at the same time was on his way to East Palestine, Ohio on Wednesday.

Our adversaries are laughing at us.

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