Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Launches Statewide Taskforce To Combat Street Takeovers

GOP politician cracking down on dangerous criminal behavior

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Thursday a statewide task force to combat the rise in “street takeover” incidents across Texas.

The spontaneous events occur when several people in multiple vehicles block off areas and do donuts in their cars or trucks.

“Launching a statewide task force with @TxDPS to combat the rise in dangerous street takeovers happening across Texas,” he wrote on Twitter. “Texas is a law-and-order state and will not tolerate these reckless, coordinated criminal events.”

Last week, Infowars covered a “street takeover” in our hometown of Austin, Texas where one officer was hurt and several vehicles were damaged. 

A large crowd threw explosive fireworks at a police car and blocked its way, marching towards it until it reversed and retreated.

Several participants of the borderline riot caught on fire during the chaos.

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