March 25, 2023

Video: Trump Tells Biden To “Get Over Here” As He Visits Ohio Disaster Zone

Biden hasn’t even commented on the ongoing emergency

After visiting East Palestine, Ohio and talking to residents about the continuing emergency there, President Trump had a simple message for the AWOL Joe Biden… “GET OVER HERE.”


Trump had earlier made a speech in which he told locals “you’re not forgotten.”

Trump also paid for and provided much needed emergency supplies:

Trump also bought food for police and fire fighters:

Trump quipped that he hopes Biden can find some money left over to send to East Palestine once he is back from helping Ukraine with handouts:

Biden, meanwhile arrived back from Poland and Ukraine, and refused to answer any questions or give any comments on the situation in Ohio:

Even CNN is calling out Biden for doing nothing:

Earlier Biden looked bemused and said “I don’t have time” when asked about Russia pulling out of the START nuclear treaty:

On his way to Air Force One, Biden slipped and fell over again before bumbling his way on to the plane:


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