March 23, 2023

WW3 Has Begun! Emergency Special Report

The media will not tell you how bad things really are because people would actually hit the streets

Alex Jones breaks down the descent into World War III as NATO’s expansion, directed by globalist puppets in positions of power around the globe, has pushed Putin into action.

“The key war here is obviously escalation,” Jones said of Joe Biden’s recent visit to Ukraine. “And, if people think the train derailment and toxic black plumes of smoke are bad in Ohio, and they certainly are not a good thing, it’s nothing compared to what a nuclear war does turning every city and every town into a smoking, toxic ruin with the nuclear reactors, there’s over 46 of them, will melt down… Hundreds of Chernobyls.”

“It will be the end of civilization and the end of most life on Earth as we know it,” he added. “We are seconds away on the Doomsday Clock. And all of it because George Soros, Zbigniew Brzeziński, and the Rockefellers and the Rothschild crime axis wants global domination.”

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