March 23, 2023

‘F**k Trudeau’: Canadian Prime Minister Gets Brutally Heckled at Pro-Ukraine Rally

Rowdy critics so disruptive Trudeau at one point stopped speech to ask them to ‘settle down.’

Protesters showed Justin Trudeau no respect during a pro-Ukraine rally over the weekend, brutally heckling the Canadian Prime Minister amid a solemn speech.

In footage from the event in Toronto last Friday, protesters could be heard yelling, “Fuck Trudeau!” as he attempted to drown the jeers out by speaking over them.

The rowdy critics were so disruptive Trudeau at one point stopped his speech to address them and – in one of the most Canadian gestures ever – proceeded to ask them to “settle down.”

“A year ago today, Ukrainians woke up to the horror of war in their…” Trudeau began as protesters shouted.

“Hey sir,” Trudeau said abruptly. “I think Ukrainians could tell you a little bit about freedom and liberty, so why don’t you settle down?”

“This is a night for them, not for you,” the prime minister chastised his constituent. “This is a night for Ukrainians, not for you.”

The heckler’s interruption received a dedicated segment on CBC News, with the state-funded media outlet claiming the protester also “made a racist remark” toward a woman following Trudeau’s admonishment.

“This is what a disgraceful politician deserves. More is on the way,” reads the top-voted comment in the CBC’s YouTube replies.

“I am Ukrainian, living in Canada for the last 30 years. While I am with both hands for Ukraine, I would like to ask the PM, why he did not allow the people of Canada wave the Canadian flag?” another commenter stated.

No doubt there is still widespread negative sentiment in Canada toward the Liberal party leader after his heavy-handed crackdown of the Ottawa trucker lockdown protests, his promotion of jab mandates and vaccine passports, and now his transfer of Canada’s taxpayer dollars and military equipment to Ukraine.

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