March 23, 2023

Report: Prince Harry To Livestream Struggle Session With Trauma Doctor

The worldwide privacy tour continues

Prince Harry is planning to livestream a sit down session with a ‘trauma expert’ to go over the ‘struggles’ he has had in the past, according to a report in the New York Post.

The report notes that Harry will chat with with Canadian doctor and author Gabor Maté in an “intimate conversation,” and you can watch him whine and complain about his hardships for the low low price of just $33.99.

The event appears to be an attempt by Harry and the publisher of his bizarre memoir to shift more units. The price of the book, titled ‘Spare’ has already been slashed in half.

Maté commented about the upcoming event, noting “In ‘Spare,’ Prince Harry is very open about his mental-health challenges, as I have been about my own in my books.”

“Such a public conversation, I hope, will help encourage more openness around mental health and contribute to remove the stigma around what we call mental illness,” the doctor continued, adding “I think a discussion of loss, trauma and healing is of interest to people at all levels of society.”

News of the struggle session comes on the heels of the Duke and his wife Meghan Markle being lampooned on South Park, leading to the pair reportedly considering suing the show’s creators.

No doubt this latest stunt will send their popularity plummeting even further. The duo are already more unpopular than Prince Andrew, who had a friendship with the now deceased convicted pedo and sex trafficker to the elites Jeffrey Epstein.


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