6-Time Vaxxed, Mask-Obsessed Dr. Confused by Covid Re-Infection Mocked on Twitter

Doctor can’t seem to understand vaccine not effective.

Twitter users were flabbergasted by a woke six-time jabbed, ua-masking epidemiologist who refused to acknowledge the injections could have played a role in her recent Covid infection.

In a Twitter update Sunday the epidemiologist who uses “she/her” pronouns in her bio said she’d tested positive for Covid despite having received her 6th Covid jab four months ago.

The doctor who identifies as an “intersectional feminist” was criticized on social media for refusing to put two and two together – namely that several prominent physicians, scientists and researchers have determined the experimental mRNA jabs wreak havoc on the human immune system.

In follow-up posts the doctor pushed back at “a**holes who’re using my getting COVID as some sort of victory to suggest that precautions don’t work.”

She then denied that a recent uptick of sudden deaths have been linked to the jab.

The blind allegiance to the jab and the virtue-signal of “trusting the science” really does appear at times to be some kind of sick religion.

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