March 25, 2023

Watch: Trans Activist Freaks Out, Gets Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting A Politician

Demonstrators gathered to oppose bill that would outlaw minor gender surgeries

A transgender activist was filmed being arrested in the Oklahoma Capitol building on Tuesday after allegedly dumping water on Oklahoma GOP House Rep. Bob Culver.

A demonstration took place as the Oklahoma House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to pass a bill prohibiting gender transition services for minors.

Next, the bill will be voted on by the Oklahoma Senate.

In footage from the protest, a police officer can be seen struggling to apprehend a demonstrator who was resisting arrest.

As the cop and protester wrestled, another demonstrator who was wearing a trans flag grabbed their comrade and pinned them against a wall, saying, “Stop. Please, I want to go home.”

After letting go of the demonstrator, the trans-flag-wearing person continued, “I want to go home with my husband,” before shrieking, “Help! Help! Help!”

The pair of LGBT demonstrators were also upset by the police presence and claimed law enforcement was “suppressing” them.

Rep. Culver released a statement about the incident revealing he’ll be pressing charges and stating, “I cannot sit by while our highway patrolmen are assaulted for simply doing their jobs.”

“This legislation is about protecting our children from those who would seek to profit from their gender confusion,” Republican State Rep. Kevin West explained in a press statement. “As a state, we must not be partner to irreversible health practices that permanently change the bodies of our children before they are of an age where they can fully understand the consequences of their decisions.”

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