Public Library Pushes Back Against ‘Wholesome’ Kirk Cameron Book Reading As Drag Queens Strip For Kids In Libraries Nationwide

Library staff allegedly treated Cameron’s crew “terribly”

Christian actor and writer Kirk Cameron was met with resistance by public library workers in a small Tennessee town after they learned he was going to present a pro-God message during his book tour.

Duck Dynasty‘s Missy Robertson and women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines joined Cameron at the event, which took place on February 25th in Hendersonville, Tennessee at the Hendersonville Public Library.

Cameron appeared at the library to promote and read his biblical children’s book, “As You Grow,” and to provide a “wholesome” alternative to the bizarre “drag queen story hour” events taking place across the country.

Brave Books, the publisher of Cameron’s new book, told Fox News Digital Hendersonville Public Library staff pushed back against hosting the event.

In fact, the head of the library reportedly told the publisher the event “would not be happening” because “he did not want a movement coming to his library.”

After the publisher refused to back down and cancel the reading, the library posted to its Facebook page and told locals the event was being moved to a church because too many people were scheduled to show up.

Brave Books said the library’s board of directors and the community let their voices be heard and convinced the library to allow the event after all.

However, the library staff allegedly treated Cameron and the others “terribly” when they arrived.

An employee of the publishing company said, “It was clear that they did not agree with Kirk’s message at the library and wanted nothing to do with it.”

Speaking with The Daily Wire following the event, Cameron explained, “We didn’t know what was going to happen. All we knew was that we had a reservation. We had rented [the room] and got a receipt. … And then they tried to push us off and kind of hide us in a little church down the street. We decided that I am not going to ghost hundreds of people at a public library who think I’m going to be there. I told them I would be there so I’m coming, and we will just see what happens.”

The attempts to sabotage the event actually backfired, as Cameron noted, “It’s another example of another denial turning into a revival. It’s a beautiful gathering of people that are saying, ‘We don’t want this woke and broke ideology to come to our town.’ In a sense, I want to thank the disgruntled librarians for teeing up a local revival for us.”

While Cameron runs into barriers for trying to spread a pro-God message, libraries around the nation are hosting drag queen storytime events where grown men perform lewd striptease dances in front of infants and children.

The state of Tennessee this week passed a law prohibiting any “adult-oriented” events from taking place on public property and restricting the shows to age-restricted venues.

The tide appears to be turning against the groomers as the average American begins to learn about what’s really going on at these disturbing “all-ages” drag events.

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