March 30, 2023

Video: Cruz Blasts Media For Labelling COVID Lab Leak As “Misinformation And Conspiracy Theory”

“The millions of deaths are a result of that virus escaping from a Chinese government lab.”

Senator Ted Cruz has slammed the mainstream media for continually lying and labelling solid evidence that the COVID pandemic was caused by a lab leak as a ‘conspiracy theory’.

Appearing on Fox Business, Cruz asserted that “The COVID virus escaped from a Chinese government lab and the millions of deaths are a result of that virus escaping from a Chinese government lab.” 

“The corporate media for two years has been lying about this,” he continued, adding “They have been labeling as misinformation and conspiracy theory the obvious inference that this escaped from a Chinese lab, I think likely the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

“The government of China needs to be held accountable for the millions of lives lost because of this virus, for the trillions of dollars of damage in terms of jobs destroyed, businesses destroyed, the world economy brought to its knees because of China’s culpability,” Cruz urged 


Cruz’ comments come in the wake of the latest revelation that the Department Of Energy has concluded that a lab leak is the likeliest cause of the COVID pandemic, with Cruz’ fellow GOP Senator Rand Paul labelling the fallout “one of the greatest cover-ups in modern medical history.” 

It has also been revealed that the US State Department-funded Global Disinformation Index punished conservative websites by throttling their advertising revenue if they gave credence to the COVID-19 lab leak theory, despite it subsequently proving likely true.

As we also highlighted yesterday, the Chinese Communist Party threatened Elon Musk to stop sharing stories about the Wuhan lab leak, suggesting Tesla’s business interests in China would be at risk if he kept amplifying the issue.

This once again underscores how hysteria over ‘fake news’ and ‘disinformation’ has been weaponized to justify the censorship of awkward stories and even facilitate actual cover-ups.


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