March 25, 2023

Shock Footage Emerges Showing Black Students Forcing White Kids to Recite BLM Pledge on Playground

‘The incident is being treated as an Anti-White hate crime,’ reports Daily Mail.

Footage has emerged of a disturbing incident last month at an Ohio elementary school playground where a group of black students rounded up white peers and forced them to say “Black Lives Matter.”

Earlier this week, the City of Springfield released surveillance video of the Feb. 10 incident at Kenwood Elementary School where “a group of Black students had gathered several white students on a specific spot of the playground and forced them to state ‘Black Lives Matter’ against their will,” according to the school’s principal.

More on the video from local ABC affiliate Dayton 24/7 Now:

In a 17-minute surveillance video obtained through a public records request with the City of Springfield, a student in a white shirt is escorted by two other students across the pavement to the swings, where a third student knocks him to the ground. Minutes later, another student appears to be carrying another to that same area and dropping him on the ground. Finally, about 10 minutes in, there seems to be another altercation in the same area and it looks like another student was shoved to the ground.

White students who attempted to escape the situation were “chased down and escorted, dragged, or carried to the playground,” the principal described, while a police report says one white student was “punched in the head.”

The Daily Mail reports: “The incident is being treated as an Anti-White hate crime.”

Meanwhile, police have interviewed students involved in the incident with prosecutors attempting to pursue charges of menacing and assault for knowingly harming a victim.

The school district reportedly condemned the black students’ behavior at press conference last week.

The concerning incident is illustrative of the effect the far left’s violent anti-white rhetoric has on black children, who are basically encouraged to espouse hatred towards white people.

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