March 25, 2023

Jon Stewart Defends Drag Shows For Kids While Pushing Gun Control

Comedian triggered over 2nd Amendment while in denial of drag shows sexualizing children

Liberal actor and comedian Jon Stewart was widely praised by the left after they claim he “slammed” a GOP politician on gun rights and drag queen shows for children.

GOP Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm sat down for an interview on The Problem With Jon Stewart podcast last week to discuss the politician’s bill proposal seeking to end red flag gun laws.

A clip of Stewart sticking up for drag queen story time for children went viral online.

“You want to ban drag show readings to children. Why? What are you protecting?” Stewart asked the state representative.

Dahm answered with his own question, asking, “Why can we prohibit children from voting?”

Next, Stewart asked if banning drag shows for kids would infringe on the free speech of the performer.

When Dahm explained the performers could still do their routines, just not in front of a child, Stewart responded, “Why?”

The politician responded, “Because the government does have a responsibility to protect children.”

To this, Stewart mentioned the leading cause of death among children has become firearm-related.

The liberal actor continued, “So, what you’re telling me is you don’t mind infringing free speech to protect children from this amorphous thing you think of, but when it comes to children that have died, you don’t give a flying fuck to stop that because that ‘shall not be infringed.’ That is hypocrisy at its highest order.”

See the full Dahm and Stewart debate below:

Democrat Twitter trolls like the Krassenstein brothers rushed to the platform to praise Stewart for “destroying” the state senator, but many Americans saw through his poor argument.

Independent journalist Ian Miles Cheong dissected the clip, writing, “The issue with Jon is that he’s making an apples to oranges comparison, which is a thing he likes to do when he tries to paint conservatives as hypocrites. Banning guns—no matter the justifications—isn’t about protecting kids. It’s about disarming the populace and to usher in full state control.”

He continued, “As to the question he asked: guns aren’t grooming your children and coercing them to have sex or have their genitals cut off. If you’re going to make absurd comparisons, you deserve an equally absurd response.”

“In the past, it was beyond the pale for children to be treated to sexually degenerate performances,” Cheong added. “Simply unthinkable. With the envelope being constantly pushed towards a tolerance and even celebration of such degenerate lifestyles, it is necessary for any conservative with any adherence to principles to stand up and fight back—including using the law to make sure this does not happen. Being a conservative doesn’t mean allowing the barbarians to run roughshod over your cultural, civilized values. Therein lies the death of civilization.”

Several people posted videos of drag shows with children in attendance to show Stewart he doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to the vulgarity and blatant sexuality of the performances.

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