March 25, 2023

Special Broadcast Tonight! Alex Jones Provides Live Coverage Of Tucker Carlson’s Next Jan. 6 Exposé

Jones says the next batch of information will be even more damning for the establishment

Don’t miss this Tuesday’s emergency transmission where Alex Jones will be live at 6:50 pm CST to cover day two of the Tucker Carlson Tonight January 6 exposé revealing the lies spread by politicians and mainstream media about the now-infamous day.

Jones made the announcement during his daytime broadcast Tuesday, telling his audience the next batch of videos to be released will be even more bombshell!

This page will be updated with a video feed as soon as Jones goes live.

Don’t miss Monday’s Tucker revelations, which showed the media and top politicians lied about Ray Epps, the Q Shaman, Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick and much more.

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