March 25, 2023

SPLC Attorney Charged With Domestic Terrorism For Attacking Atlanta Police Facility

Member of far-left domestic terrorism watchdog group himself involved in carrying out domestic terrorism.

A lawyer for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was among a group of 23 arrested for domestic terrorism Monday after launching a coordinated attack on a police training center in Atlanta, Georgia.

The SPLC is a far-left civil rights group and extremism watchdog the FBI has frequently cited when categorizing “hate” groups.

SPLC staff attorney Thomas Webb Jurgens was charged with domestic terrorism after joining dozens of rioters dressed in black who stormed the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center and launched fireworks, Molotov cocktails, bricks and rocks at officers.

Jurgens obtained his law degree from the University of Georgia, is an active member of the Georgia bar and the Florida bar, according to his his LinkedIn profile and other publicly available profiles.

The attacks were reportedly carried out by far-left group Defend ATL Forest, which has been protesting the development of the training center — they call “Cop City” — for years in the name of protecting Atlanta forests.

So far the SPLC has not responded to Jurgens’ domestic terrorism charges.

The irony of a member of a so-called anti-extremist organization carrying out a domestic terrorist attack against police officers may be lost on federal agencies like the Department of Justice, who’ve been giving far-left groups a free pass to commit political violence since Merrick Garland was appointed attorney general.

Should the DOJ open an investigation into the SPLC for harboring actual domestic terrorists? Yes.

But will they? Not likely.

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