March 25, 2023

Dem. Bill Would Force Parents To Undergo Vaccine ‘Education Session’ Before Exempting Children from Jabs

SB 390 would set up obstacles in current process by implementing new standard vaccine exemption form to be signed by medical professional following ‘education session’ with parents.

A bill proposed by Pennsylvania Democrats would require parents in the state to receive a vaccine “education session” before being allowed to exempt their children from jabs.

SB 390 seeks to require clinicians who sign off on vaccine waivers to first inform parents who file for medical exemptions of “scientifically accepted information” regarding vaccine benefits and risks.

Essentially the bill sets up obstacles in the current process by implementing a new standard exemption form which must be signed by the medical professional following the education session.

The bill reads:

“The objection [request for medical vaccine exemption] shall be on a form developed by the Department of Health that includes a certification by a person authorized to administer immunizations within this Commonwealth that the person provided the parent or guardian of the child with scientifically accepted information prescribed by the Department of Health on the benefits and risks of immunization.

Critics argue the bill, introduced by Democrat Sen. Judith Schwank, infringes not only on medical freedom, but on parental and religious rights as well.

“Currently, parents can write a philosophical or religious exemption for their children without the input of a medical professional,” points out parental rights activist Megan Brock.

“This bill goes against the PA Constitution and would infringe on religious and parental rights. It would put us a step closer to losing our exemptions in PA,” reads a call to action from grassroots activists to parents.

The power-hungry Democrats are basically creating an end run around the Constitution by forcing parents to undergo “re-education” sessions and obtain a clinician’s signature, but as Brock points out, “What happens when medical professionals refuse to sign the form?”

The globalists are increasing their attacks on Infowars and the stakes have never been higher!

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