March 29, 2023

Ex-Clinton Lawyer Killed by Severe Turbulence on Plane

“I can’t remember the last fatality due to turbulence,” says top aviation official.

A top Washington lawyer who served under the Clinton and Obama administrations was killed on a plane that experienced severe turbulence as it flew over New England last week.

Dana J. Hyde, 55, was one of five passengers on board the DC-bound aircraft from New Hampshire on Friday when it diverted to Bradley International Airport in Connecticut after encountering turbulence.

Officials said Hyde was immediately transported to Saint Francis Medical Center in Hartford after the plane landed, where she was pronounced dead that evening.

“On 03/03/2023, at approximately 3:49 PM, Connecticut State Troopers responded to a medical assist call at Bradley International Airport. One patient was subsequently transported to an area hospital via ambulance,” a Connecticut State Police spokesperson told The Daily Mail.

“Our agency is assisting as needed; however, the NTSB and the FBI are investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident. For further information please contact those agencies directly,” they added.

Hyde’s husband and two children were also on board the aircraft during the incident but reportedly suffered no injuries.

Flight data shows the plane reached a peak altitude of 26,000 feet then rapidly descended southbound along the Connecticut River before landing.

The plane was bound for Leesburg Executive Airport in the DC suburbs, where the family lived

The private aircraft, a Bombardier Challenger 300, is owned by Kansas-city based Conexon, which is headed by Hyde’s husband Jonathan Chambers, a former Republican Senate staff director.

In addition to working in the Clinton and Obama White Houses, Hyde also served on the 9/11 Commission.

The exact cause of Hyde’s death is still being investigated and a preliminary report will be released in two weeks.

A top aviation official noted that deaths resulting from turbulence – which is air in the atmosphere – are extremely rare.

“I can’t remember the last fatality due to turbulence,” said Robert Sumwalt, a NTSB chair and executive director of the Center for Aviation and Aerospace Safety at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

The series of mysterious deaths of individuals related in some way to the Clintons has become so frequent that the phenomenon is colloquially known as the “Clinton Body Count.”

After Hyde, the most recent example is the case of Mark Middleton, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton who was found tied to a tree with a shotgun blast to his chest in June 2022.

Despite the suspicious fact the gun was not found at the scene, authorities recently ruled Middleton’s cause of death a suicide.

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