March 29, 2023

Check Out This Montage Of MSM Freaking Out About Tucker Carlson’s Jan 6. Reporting

Talking heads at CNN and MSNBC melted down over surveillance footage exonerating jailed Jan. 6 protesters and exposing “insurrection” lie.

The mainstream media has been doing major damage control in light of Tucker Carlson’s reporting on previously hidden January 6 footage this week.

The meltdowns were so ubiquitous and over-the-top that the Fox News host played a compilation Wednesday of numerous pundits and talking heads freaking out about the Jan. 6 footage and conclusively debunked the “insurrection” narrative.

“No media organization in the country pressed to see that actual tape, the January 6 surveillance footage. And there was a reason for that,” Carlson noted on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“A small group of people, which include the leaders of the Democratic Party and their allies in the media had a complete monopoly on what you were allowed to know about what actually happened at the Capitol on January 6. And they defended that monopoly with great ferocity as monopolists tend to do.”

“Other media outlets went crazy. They all did. And we just couldn’t resist not to be self referential, but it’s too hilarious so we assembled a montage.”

The montage featured fake news hucksters from CNN and MSNBC screeching that Carlson endangered national security and lied to his audience.

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