March 30, 2023

Steve Quayle Warns Nuclear War is Imminent: The Globalists Want Russia to Destroy America

This escalation is part of the Great Reset nightmare

Steve Quayle joins The Alex Jones Show to gameplan how we can try and prevent a nuclear war from destroying most of humanity.

“90 seconds is all it takes to destroy the United States from the submarine-launched ballistic caliber missiles, there are hypersonic missiles,” Quayle told Jones.

He continued, “I’ve really got to make this point that all of our doomsday bunkers from NORAD headquarters to Denver International Airport, again where the Vice President landed hours ago, they’re only designed to handle a specific megaton nuclear weapon. The Russians did explode a 52-ton nuclear weapon called the  Tsar Bomba, they do have hundred-megaton nuclear weapons and those are called the Poseidon Nuclear torpedos.”

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