March 25, 2023

Watch: Alex Jones & Steve Bannon On The World Of False Information & The Panicked Elite

‘We need to really push for the impeachment of Biden,’ says Jones.

Alex Jones joined Steve Bannon’s War Room on Thursday morning for a conversation about the Deep State coup of America and the war on alternative media.

Jones called for “A new Jan. 6th Commission that’s real and we need to really push for the impeachment of Biden as a way to showcase, even if we don’t have the votes in the Senate convict him.”

He continued, “But we can indict him in the House and have hearings on the borders, on the money laundering in Ukraine, on Hunter Biden, on January 6th, on the spying, on the censorship, on all of it. And, just open the whole thing up because the whole thing’s a crescendo now. As you said, it’s happening so fast we can’t even keep track of it even though we live, eat, drink, sleep this.”

It’s now or never when it comes to stepping up and speaking out against the globalist takeover!

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