March 23, 2023

Massive! Deep State In Panic Mode as Jan 6th Evidence Proves it was an Inside Job

The tide is turning, but the establishment will become even more dangerous once it’s cornered

Alex Jones breaks down the groundbreaking revelations coming from the January 6th trial of the Proud Boys as well as the new footage released by Tucker Carlson.

Attorneys defending certain Proud Boys appeared to find proof the FBI fabricated evidence, destroyed evidence, deleted exculpatory evidence from the FBI’s Lync internal messaging system and more.

See the Twitter posts below for more information:

A motion to dismiss the case altogether based on the Tucker tapes and FBI misconduct was filed by attorneys representing Dominic Pezzola.

Conservative commentator and activist Laura Loomer provided a closer look at how the FBI handed J6 attorneys documents featuring “hidden tabs” where the proof of misconduct was ultimately found.

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