March 29, 2023

Greenwald Explains How Russiagate Hoax Tricked Dems Into Supporting WWIII

‘They inculcated every Democrat and every liberal in the United States into hating Vladimir Putin,’ he says.

Journalist Glen Greenwald laid into the Biden administration’s handling of the Ukraine-Russia conflict during a Saturday transmission of his podcast System Update.

Speaking with fellow independent journalist Michael Tracey, Greenwald questioned why Ukraine is so important to the American establishment that it would risk nuclear war with Russia to protect the European nation.

Greenwald explained, “I often reference the fact that it was common conventional wisdom in Washington, including articulated by President Obama, that Ukraine is not and never will be a vital interest to the United States, but it will always has been and always will be a vital interest to Russia…”

“So, we’ve spent the last year obsessing on Ukraine, we poured gigantic amounts of money into fueling the war there, we’ve depleted our own weapons stockpile,” he said.

Again, Greenwald asked why Ukraine is so important to the U.S. and why we’re so heavily involved there.

The journalist later told Tracey he finds it interesting the Trump wing of the Republican party is the only group opposing America’s role in the war in Ukraine.

“The overwhelming majority of the Republican establishment is united with every single Democrat still in support of this war,” Greenwald noted.

He then suggested GOP RINOS support the war because of their instinctive warhawk ideology and that while Democrats share that foreign policy warmongering, the core of their devotion to the Ukraine war is the false claims of Russian election interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

“They inculcated every Democrat and every liberal in the United States into hating Vladimir Putin, not for any reasons that are geopolitical, but because that’s who they blame for Hillary Clinton’s defeat – something which they have not even gotten close to getting over,” Greenwald added.

Check out the full interview below:

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