March 30, 2023

New J6 Bodycam Footage Shows “Rioters” Peacefully Exit Senate Chamber – “God Bless The Men & Women In Blue”

Additional information continues being slowly revealed to public

On Monday, NBC News reporter Ryan J. Reilly posted footage from inside the Senate chamber during the January 6th debacle after a judge ordered its release back in November of 2022.

One previously unseen video clip shows police bodycam footage of the “Q Anon Shaman” Jacob Chansley and others being asked to leave the Senate chamber.

“God bless the men and women in blue! God bless you guys. We’re on your side,” Chansley said as police ask the “insurrectionists” to leave. “Thank you for your patience, we really appreciate it.”

Other alleged rioters also thanked the officers and said, “God bless you guys” while they obeyed the orders to exit the room.

Politico reporter Kyle Cheney posted another new clip of Chansley, this one showing him entering the Capitol building before preventing a fellow demonstrator from grabbing food from the Senate “break room,” a story he’d later tell CBS News’ 60 Minutes.

These two new videos provide additional context to the recent footage aired by Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealing Chansley was under the watch of Capitol police while he roamed the halls and did not appear to commit any acts of violence or vandalism.

Responding to the Tucker Carlson Tonight footage and another video of Chansley asking protesters to “go home” due to Donald Trump’s Twitter message on January 6th, Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted out “Free Jacob Chansley.”

During an interview with 60 Minutes in March 2021, the show’s host told Chansley, “Legally, you were not allowed to be there.”

In response, the “Q Shaman” explained he didn’t think he was violating any law by entering the Senate chamber because the protesters “were waved in by police officers.”

Meanwhile, as 60 Minutes pressed the legality of entering the Senate chamber and peacefully leaving once asked, a flashback clip of Joe Biden reveals his personal hypocrisy on the matter.

Speaking with late-night host David Letterman in 2007, Biden claimed he’d been briefly arrested for walking into the Senate chamber when he was just 21 years old.

Independent journalist Kanekoa The Great posted the Biden flashback, asking, “Would this be considered a two-tiered justice system that prosecutes individuals based on their politics?”

As the establishment’s January 6 house of cards continues to collapse at freefall speed, more and more people will wake up to the fact the whole thing was a Deep State operation.

Just ask former Bill Clinton White House adviser and feminist author Naomi Wolf!

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