March 23, 2023

Open Mic: Trump Jokes If He Ran Women’s Team He’d Ask Lebron James to Swap Genders

‘I don’t like Lebron, but I’d say, ‘Hey LeBron, you ever think of becoming a woman?’

President Donald Trump joked he’d take advantage of transgender men being allowed to play in women’s sports by forming a team of elite male athletes and asking them to identify as female.

The 45th president delivered the jest during his first campaign trip to Iowa Monday, where he also laid out his agenda for a second presidential term.

“If I was a basketball coach I would be the greatest coach in history,” Trump began. “I’d have a women’s team, I’d have all men… I’m not a fan of Lebron James, I don’t like Lebron, but I’d say, ‘Hey LeBron, you ever think of becoming a woman? Because you’re gonna be on my team. We’re gonna go undefeated for the next 5 years, Lebron.’”

The joke was one Trump has made frequently in the wake of the trans insanity affecting women’s sports.

Trump also blasted his successor President Joe Biden, who he joked “did one hell of a job from his basement.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Trump took aim at potential GOP contender Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), who just visited Iowa last week.

Check out highlights from Trump’s Davenport, Iowa, speech, and see the full speech, below:

During the rally, Trump surprised everyone by taking unscripted questions from the audience – an about-face from the current president who takes questions from reporters he’s been instructed to call on.

Watch the full speech:

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