March 25, 2023

Alex Jones Clips Go Viral As People Search For The Truth About Biden’s Banking Crisis

Find out what’s really going on as the globalists prepare to sink the economy before introducing their digital currency

With a potential financial collapse around the corner, Americans are seeking an honest take on the closing of several top banks over the past week.

As the leading voice of the freedom movement, Infowars founder Alex Jones is exposing the globalist agenda to topple the U.S. economy in order to consolidate power and introduce a Central Bank-run digital currency.

Conservative author Melissa Tate shared a clip from a recent edition of The Alex Jones Show, which has now been viewed nearly 1 million times.

In the segment, Jones explained the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse will lead to most small banks being consolidated into the top six globalist banks that own the private Federal Reserve.

He told viewers, “Out of that they will create central bank digital currencies to be rolled out… It’s really a central bank digital currency that tracks and controls everything you do, then they’ll try to ban all the normal cryptocurrencies that are actually independent and decentralized power.”

On Monday, Jones joined The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson for another discussion about the financial crisis.

He told Robinson’s audience, “I would not say go out and have runs on the banks or the federal government will have because obviously the Federal Reserve is just going to have a bailout or the federal government will have a bailout of the FTC. They’re saying it’s not a bailout like back in 2008, but it really is a bailout. I think it’s the beginning of much larger bailouts we’re going to be seeing but directly to depositors.”

“They’re moving us into this very draconian technocracy system where these are programmable digital tokens where they can decide where you spend them, when you can spend them, they can devalue them, they can increase the value.”

Jones added, “This is their whole globalist social credit score cashless society program, and then once the economy really implodes, they’re going to roll out the universal basic income. With the universal basic income, they can then manage every facet of your life and totally devalue the currency in your bank account or in your digital wallet with the push of a button.”

Watch the full segment from the Melissa Tate Twitter post in the following clip of “The Alex Jones Show.”

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