March 23, 2023

Antifa Tries To Storm UC Davis Building For Hosting Charlie Kirk Event — Kirk Responds

UC Davis Chancellor and liberal reporter had claimed Kirk “advocated violence against transgender people” ahead of event.

Hundreds of Antifa protesters tried to storm a University of California – Davis campus building holding an event for conservative commentator Charlie Kirk on Tuesday night, resulting in two arrests.

Footage shows a mob of Antifa vandalizing and attempting to break into the building as a few security officers struggle to control the violence.

Antifa also assaulted UC Davis students on campus who were trying to attend the TPUSA event.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted that Antifa’s assault on the building was “not a peaceful protest at all.”

UC Davis put out a statement confirming an officer was injured and two Antifa protesters were arrested.

“Outside the UCUC, about 100 protesters gathered and for brief times blocked the main event entrance and the pathway to the entrance,” the school said.

“One officer sustained an injury when he was jumped on from behind and pushed to the ground, and two people were arrested and taken to Yolo County Jail for allegedly painting graffiti on an exterior wall of the University Credit Union Center, or UCUC, where the event was held.”

The violence may have been avoided if the left-wing media and UC Davis’ Chancellor had not misrepresented Kirk as a violent anti-transgender extremist.

Ahead of the event, Sacramento Bee reporter put out fake news on Twitter of the event claiming that Kirk “advocated violence against transgender people.”

The Sacramento Bee reporter subsequently deleted the tweet following backlash.

UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May also parroted that false talking point in a video he posted before Kirk’s event.

Kirk responded to May, announcing he may sue him for slander.

This comes a week after an environmental Antifa group firebombed a police training center in Atlanta, Georgia to protest its development.

Where is the DOJ to respond to these attacks by radical violent groups?

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