March 29, 2023

‘DO SOMETHING POTUS’: Gen Z Panics Over $3 McDonald’s Hash Brown Amid Bidenflation

Twitter users freak out, beg Joe Biden to combat high-priced breakfast item.

A viral Twitter post highlighting $3 hash browns at McDonald’s has Gen Z fearful the “boomers” may have been right about skyrocketing inflation and the impending economic collapse.

The post, made Sunday by an anime enthusiast account, captured the minds of price-conscious fast food eaters across the country who feared the overpriced breakfast item, roughly the same cost as a gallon of gas, was a foreboding economic sign.

Here are a few Gen Z reactions to the outrageous price:

In an update, the OP later admitted he had priced out the hash brown on Uber Eats, but added the item is still $2.99 on the McDonald’s app.

Another Uber Eats user from San Diego, Calif., replying to the original post uploaded a screenshot showing the hash brown was $3.59 in his region, with another uploader from Santa Barbara, Calif., showing a regional price of $4.19.

Other savvy users attempted to employ supply-demand economics and organize mass boycotts to drive down the price of the hash browns.

The rising prices of the popular breakfast item highlights that nothing is safe from Bidenflation.

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