March 25, 2023

Psaki: ‘MSNBC Has a Very High Standard of What Is Factual’

Former White House press secretary humiliates herself defending propaganda.

Former Biden press secretary Jen Psaki defended her new employer MSNBC as a beacon of truth-telling.

Psaki, now an MSNBC commentator, joined Stephen Colbert’s CBS show on Monday night to attack Fox News while also defending her own network.

“MSNBC has a very high standard of what is factual. You have to go through a process before you report things on air to make sure they are factual and you have sources,” Psaki said. “That is how news should work.”

This is coming from the same lady who for years pushed the easily-debunked lie that former President Donald Trump was a Russian spy.

Psaki’s remarks reek of hypocrisy given the egregious fake news MSNBC has propagated over the last several years.

Here is just a short list of major topics MSNBC deliberately misled the public about:

…and so much more.

MSNBC’s fake news antics are so prolific that comedian Russell Brand recently humiliated network analyst John Heilemann who demanded he name one instance of the outlet pushing fake news.

Brand brought the receipts.

Psaki will host her own show on MSNBC called “Inside With Jen Psaki,” which debuts March 19.

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