Videos: Biden Makes Joke When Asked About School Shooting

Spent the rest of the day getting lost, being rounded up and told where to stand by handlers

Joe Biden responded to reporters Tuesday asking about the horrific Nashville shooting by making a joke about partisan politics.

Biden was asked if he believes Christians were specifically targeted in the shooting at the private Christian school Monday that killed three children and three teachers.

“I have no idea!” Biden responded, prompting the reporter to note that “[Senator] Josh Hawley believes they were. What do you say to that?”

Biden then smiled and said “Well I probably don’t then!” before laughing, quickly seeing that no one else found it funny and stating “I’m just joking.”

WTF is the he thinking?

This comes after Biden spent over two minutes on Monday rambling about eating chocolate chip ice cream, and talking about wanting to take “good-looking kids” upstairs with him before addressing the Nashville tragedy.

Earlier in the day on Tuesday, Biden spent the day wandering around a factory in Durham, North Carolina, most of the time appearing lost and confused:

Biden has to be told exactly where to stand and what to do. He sounds like he’s on a day out from a nursing home:

When he does go off script he sounds completely demented:


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