Epic: Furious Dad Confronts School Board Over Teacher Grooming Students With Sex Game

School board superintendent had denied existence of ‘wheel of sex’ game but angry father brought receipts.

An outraged Oregon father confronted his daughter’s school board after learning a teacher subjected students to a sexual grooming game in class.

The father explained to the Eugene School District 4J board in March how a Churchill High School teacher issued a controversial sex-ed assignment whereby students would spin a wheel to see what sex act they would have to hypothetically perform with another classmate.

“I have proof right here in my phone of ‘with whom would you do it with?’” the father said. “And my daughter specifically stated that the teacher put a wheel on the class board, and it stated anal penetration, oral sex, licking of ear, kissing. And he wanted them to write down the initials of a boy or girl that they would do these ‘activities’ with.”

“I don’t know what’s worse, wanting to know my child’s sexual fantasy or who they’re going to have anal penetration and oral sex with. What is he gaining from this? What do you gain from this information?”

The father also noted that the teacher had not returned the graded assignment, leading him to believe he’s keeping the completed assignments for his “spank bank.”

The furious father’s remarks come after superintendent Andy Dey had claimed on March 15 the particular sex-ed lesson in question won’t be taught again, but added that reports of a ‘wheel of sex’ game “have not been substantiated.”

“What I can share in the following initial internal review we can identify shortcomings that allow for the delivery of this lesson, one that the district does not recommend be delivered again,” Dey said. “To be clear, the teacher did not create that lesson himself. The assignment in question is pulled directly from the ‘Our Whole Lives’ sexuality education course for grades 10-12.”

Dey also addressed the spinning wheel assignment, saying rumors of such an assignment are unsubstantiated.

“There are additional rumors of spinning wheels with salacious acts that have not been substantiated or reflected in the materials the teachers used,” he said.

But as the father in the video noted, he had proof that the wheel of sex game was not simply a “rumor.”

That father is hardly the only parent who is outraged.

As KEZI 9 reported, other parents are disturbed the school is prioritizing sex and gender over academic achievement:

“We should be focusing on academic readiness in our classes instead of asking our students to describe their sexual fantasies to our teachers. There is no excuse for this kind of sexually explicit assignment,” one said.

“Imagine being a child in a classroom amongst your peers. Imagine you’re a child that is actively being abused or has previously been abused and is asked to go through with these assignments. If this is considered inappropriate for having conversations with minors, who deems this as school appropriate?” another asked.

“This sexual deviant needs to be removed. If you do not remove him, I’m giving you my word today that tomorrow morning, I will talk to the county clerk’s office and I will file for the removal of every single one of you,” yet another said.

Until more parents speak out and get deeply involved in what their children are learning in the classroom, these kind of grooming assignments will continue to be pushed by radical ideologues disguised as teachers.

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