Texas AG Paxton Slams ‘Soros-Backed DA’ After Army Sgt. Found Guilty of Murder for Killing Armed BLM Protester in Self-Defense

“This week has shown us how rogue prosecutors have weaponized the judicial system. This must be stopped!” Paxton says.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) slammed Travis County District Attorney José Garza after a grand jury convicted Army Sgt. Daniel Perry of murder for killing an armed Black Lives Matter protester in self-defense during the George Floyd riots in 2020.

“Self-defense is a God-given right, not a crime,” Paxton told Fox News on Saturday. “Unfortunately, the Soros-backed DA in Travis County cares more about the radical agenda of dangerous Antifa and BLM mobs than justice.”

“This week has shown us how rogue prosecutors have weaponized the judicial system,” AG Paxton added. “They must be stopped!”

Perry had been working as a ride-share driver when he took a turn down a street in downtown Austin that was blocked by BLM rioters.

Perry claimed the BLM mob surrounded his vehicle, including the victim Garrett Foster, whom Perry claimed pointed an AK-47 at him, prompting Perry to shoot Foster. Perry called 911, but Foster did not survive. He then turned himself into authorities.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson similarly condemned the “Soros-backed DA” in Austin for criminalizing self-defense on Friday, calling Perry’s murder conviction a “legal atrocity.”

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