Watch: Dem San Francisco Supervisor – Who Pushed for Defunding Police in 2020 – Whines About Lack of Police on Streets

District supervisor’s recent remarks directly contradict comments she made in 2020 at height of BLM’s anti-cop rhetoric supporting defund police efforts.

A member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors complained about the city’s lack of police and rising crime rate, as an old tweet from two years ago resurfaced showing she backed defund police efforts.

In footage from a board meeting last month, District 9 Democrat representative Hillary Ronen chastised the San Francisco police chief saying she’d been “begging” for more police presence to ensure the safety of residents.

“We’ve been begging for more foot beats and for more officers in the Mission District,” Ronen claimed.

“I’ve been begging this department to give the Mission what it deserves in terms of police presence all year long, and I’ve been told time and time again that there are no officers that we can send to Mission.”

“It hurts, and I feel betrayed by the department. I feel betrayed by the mayor. I feel betrayed by the priorities of this city,” she professed, adding, “We want our residents safe. We don’t want our residents getting shot, getting assaulted, getting killed.”

The district supervisor’s recent remarks directly contradict comments she made in 2020 at the height of Black Lives Matter’s anti-cop rhetoric, which were immortalized on Twitter.

“I want to make it clear,” Ronen wrote, “that I believe strongly in defunding the police and reducing the number of officers on our force. For decades we’ve had an imbalance in our city’s budget, with hundreds of millions of dollars going to SFPD to have them do work they are not qualified to do.”

She continued, “After fighting to create Mental Health SF which redirects funds to mental health care crisis teams instead of police, I believe without a shadow of a doubt that SFPD is not where we should be putting our money.”

Ronen went on to describe how she wanted to implement “Significant cuts to SFPD’s budget that will meaningfully start off a multi-year process to defund and reimagine policing in San Francisco.”

The city supervisor’s comments at the time came in support of Democrat San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s move redirecting $120 million from police to fund other city projects.

Unsurprisingly, Ronen – after being exposed for talking out of both sides of her mouth – cowardly deleted her entire Twitter profile in shame.

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