Video: Rubio Boils Down Everything Wrong With Biden’s America In 2 Mins

An “incompetent band of fools”

In a powerful appearance on Hannity, Senator Marco Rubio boiled down everything that is wrong with America today under Joe Biden, labelling his administration an “incompetent band of fools,” and noting that the world hasn’t been this dangerous for 80 years.

“We have a president that can barely put together complete sentences, appears incoherent, oftentimes doesn’t even know where he is in many cases in some of these places that allowed spy balloons to be flown over our head, that abandoned billions of dollars of American military equipment left over into the hands of the Taliban and spends all day talking about electric vehicles and solar panels that he knows we’re going to have to buy from China,” Rubio asserted.

The Senator added that under Biden, the justice system “indicts political opponents,” and attempts to “infiate sources to spy on Catholic churches” but at the same time allows criminals to destroy the largest U.S. cities. 

“This is not a president or an administration that commands respect, much less fear or concern on the part of our adversaries,” Rubio contained, adding “That’s why it’s no mistake that the Taliban moved in the way they did.”

“It’s no coincidence that Putin moves on Ukraine, and it’s no coincidence that China’s ramping all this up right now,” Rubio further urged.

“They spend their time talking about transgender issues and all kinds of racial disparity stuff, not defending our country,” the Senator further emphasised.

“We’re focused on the fact that now some man pretending to be a woman gets paid millions of dollars to sell Nike sports bras and Bud Light. So the world looks at that and said, this place is a laughing stock, and they react to it,” Rubio added.

“The 21st century is being defined right now. And unfortunately, the people in charge of American foreign policy and domestic policy, for that matter, are turning our country into a laughing stock,” he concluded.


The full interview is below:


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