BOMBSHELL: Alex Jones & Infowars Specifically Named in Government Censorship Tools Marketed to Big Tech

Learn how the State Department is using your tax dollars to violate the First Amendment and silence Infowars!

Alex Jones and Infowars are specifically mentioned in government-developed online censorship tools marketed to Big Tech, Mike Adams of Natural News revealed on The Alex Jones Show Wednesday.

This revelation is the latest to come from documents related to discovery in Missouri’s First Amendment lawsuit against the Biden administration which has already shown how the government has been working with Big Tech to censor conservatives.

“If you go through the discovery of [the lawsuit] – which I have done – it is every smoking gun that you need to prosecute the federal government for violations of civil rights, censorship, and First Amendment violations,” said Adams. “Infowars is named in those documents, and so is Brighteon & Natural NewsAlex Jones is NAMED in those documents. They targeted us [with] illegal censorship…”

“We are specifically named on target lists that were handed over to Big Tech along with government-developed tools for Big Tech to censor our speech by simply labeling everything we say as ‘misinformation.’”

Fast forward to minute 33:47 to hear the exchange:

Adams also stressed how monumental this news is for the liberty movement’s legal fight with the feds:

“It’s no longer a question of ‘did the federal government violate the First Amendment rights of the American people?’ said Adams. The good news is that [we] and everybody who is named in the discovery has absolute standing before the courts.”

“So, the government can’t have these lawsuits thrown out and say ‘you don’t have standing, we didn’t censor you,’ – uh ya, you did! It’s already in discovery, it’s already on the record.”

Adams’ remarks come just a day after it was revealed that an official in the State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC) reached out to technology companies in early 2020 to pitch government censorship tools designed to tackle online “disinformation.” The Federalist reports:

“… the State Department marketed this censorship technology through its Global Engagement Center. In other words, our tax dollars not only funded the development of tools to silence speech that dissented from the regime’s narrative. They also paid for government employees to act as sales reps pitching the censorship products to Big Tech.”

A series of disclosed emails reveals how the GEC official peddled a so-called “Disinfo Cloud” to the popular networking platform LinkedIn.

The Federalist calls these emails explosive, and goes on to detail the capabilities of the Disinfo Cloud:

[The emails] establish that in 2020, federal government actors contacted social media giants to promote GEC’s Disinfo Cloud. GEC represented that this government platform provided “companies, technology, and tools” to “assist with identifying, understanding, and addressing disinformation.” Then it gave private tech companies access to Disinfo Cloud. 

Almost identical to how GEC described Disinfo Cloud in congressional testimony, the State Department’s webpage marketed it as a “one-stop shop” to “identify and then test tools that counter propaganda and disinformation.” “Fact checking” and “media authentication” are just a couple of the types of technologies available through the dashboard.

Stay tuned to & The Alex Jones Show to get the latest analysis on these bombshell revelations on the government’s relationship with Big Tech that jeopardizes the First Amendment.

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