Twitter Labels CBC ‘69%’ State-Funded Media After Trudeau Whines Platform ‘Attacking Media’

Elon Musk continues to be a thorn in the side of the global establishment

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently complained about Twitter accurately labeling the Canadian Broadcasting Company a “government-funded” media outlet.

The social media company has been slapping the label on government-funded media organizations around the world, however, Trudeau claimed the move is attacking the media and journalists who are trying to “support Democracy.”

Of course, he never explained why acknowledging CBC is funded by the government equates to an attack on the outlet and argued the Twitter label is incorrect because the media group is only “70 percent” supported by government funding.

In response to a Twitter post by CBC arguing it shouldn’t have the government-funded label since it gets 30% of its revenue from advertisements, Musk asked if he could label the outlet “70% govt funded.”

“Their concern has been addressed,” Musk wrote along with a screenshot showing the change had been made.

A fellow Twitter user later convinced Musk to slightly alter the percentage to 69% just to give CBC benefit of the doubt.

“Good point, generosity is always the right move. 69% it is!” Musk wrote.

U.S. government-funded outlets NPR and PBS both announced last week they’d stop using Twitter because of the accurate classifications on their pages.

For media companies claiming to support transparency and truth, these outlets are oddly irritated by the public becoming more informed about who is funding the news they’re consuming.

The following Twitter take is accurate:

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