Warning! AP History Textbooks Already Pushing Anti-Trump Lies

History is being written by the corrupt left-wing ruling class

During his Human Events Daily podcast Wednesday, host Jack Posobiec commented on a recent article by independent journalist Greg Price exposing five new school textbooks in U.S. classrooms spewing false narratives about President Donald Trump and the 2016 election.

One history textbook titled, American Pageant, which calls itself “the leading program for AP [advanced placement] U.S. history” classes, tells students “Russian hackers” infiated DNC servers and delivered “illegally filched” emails to WikiLeaks.

The history book also claims Russia interfered in the U.S. election by unleashing “thousands of false social media accounts” pushing combative posts, which has been proven false by the Twitter Files.

Covering the contents of the textbooks, Posobiec became infuriated at the material calling the election of Donald Trump “unexpected,” telling his audience, “They’re just writing that in a textbook for kids, that it was an unexpected outcome, as if electing a guy who the elites didn’t want isn’t allowed.”

He also vented frustration that modern conservatives are allowing this type of brainwashing to be placed in American public schools in the first place.

Posobiec told his followers the establishment is already putting this false history material into their children’s schools, warning, “They are going to brainwash them to hate you. They’re going to brainwash them to change their gender, to come home and have their genitals mutilated because mommy and daddy go to church every weekend, because mommy and daddy didn’t vote the wrong way, because mommy and daddy are the wrong skin color.”

The Human Events editor and host called for the arrest and trial of the individuals who wrote the textbook for corrupting and lying to children in America.

Reading through the books, Posobiec noted children are being fed nearly every mainstream lie pushed on television during the Trump presidency such as claiming Trump was working for Putin, didn’t condemn the Charlottesville incident and that he appealed to racism and sexism.

The American Pageant even repeats the false “Hands up-don’t shoot” story promoted by the media and Democrats after the Michael Brown shooting.

On his Substack page, Greg Price noted another lie found in the school material, this one focusing on the January 6th debacle.

“One textbook covers Officer Brian Sicknick’s death without clarifying that he died of natural causes from a stroke. The only one that covers the coronavirus pandemic claims that ‘wet markets’ were the most likely origin of the virus while leaving out the lab leak theory,” he wrote.

Price explained the books he examined “all contain anti-Trump editorializing, false narratives, and employ selective editing to leave out significant stories that occurred during the Trump presidency.”

CLICK HERE to read Price’s full breakdown of the five history textbooks and be sure to verify whether or not they’re being taught at your child’s school.

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