Legendary NBA Coach Phil Jackson Slams League For Social Justice Slogans, COVID Bubble & ‘Catering’ To Far-Left

Hall of Fame coach doesn’t even watch pro basketball anymore due to politicization of the game

Perhaps the best and most famous basketball coach of all time, Phil Jackson of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, recently revealed he can hardly stand to watch the modern NBA due to constant far-left virtue signaling.

During an appearance on the Tetragrammaton with Rick Rubin podcast last week, Jackson cited the Covid lockdown year when teams played in a “bubble” as the moment he started questioning whether he wanted to watch the NBA.

There was no live audience during the pandemic NBA games and Jackson joked about players putting social justice slogans on their jerseys, saying, “Justice just went to the basket and Equal Opportunity just knocked him down.”

“I couldn’t watch that,” he said of the NBA Bubble experiment. “They even had slogans on the floor… on the baseline. It was catering. It was trying to bring a certain audience into play and they didn’t know it was turning people off.”

Jackson also noted most sports fans don’t want their athletics to be politicized.

Many woke sports pundits and triggered liberals predictably attacked the legendary coach for voicing his personal opinions about the politicization of the league.

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