Gaslighting: Jean-Pierre Claims Republicans Own High Crime, Inflation & China Takeover

Common Democrat tactic is to accuse others of that which they are guilty.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre blamed Republicans for all the things Joe Biden caused during his presidency: high crime, inflation, open borders, and China’s growing influence in the world.

“[Republicans] are fighting to put fentanyl on the street by defunding border patrol… The only things House Republicans are committed to giving Americans are increased crime, lower economic growth, and more manufacturing jobs sent back to China.”

Jean-Pierre’s flagrantly false remarks are simply an exercise in projection, a common Democrat tactic.

After all, Joe Biden’s immigration policies have effectively collapsed the border and resulted in millions of illegals aliens and fentanyl into the U.S.

And the Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies dovetailed with Soros-backed radical district attorneys have led to skyrocketing violent crime cities across America.

As for China, it’s well known that Biden has been turning a blind eye to its clandestine actions in the U.S., including the theft of intellectual property and spying activities.

Watch the full press conference:

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