Will Tucker Carlson Launch His Own Network?

Find out what’s next for America’s top news anchor

During his live Wednesday transmission, Alex Jones broke down the possibility of Tucker Carlson launching his own network in the aftermath of his departure from Fox News.

Jones floated the potential that around the end of this year, Tucker might launch a news channel with other programs and hosts in addition to his own show.

The Infowars founder also hinted he might even join Carlson’s network in some capacity.

Also, watch Steve Bannon’s Wednesday appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show where gave his opinion on Tucker being let go from Fox, warning the public the Murdoch family may have taken Carlson off air until after the next presidential election.

Bannon said, “As long as they [Fox] pay Tucker, and I think this contract from what I’m told runs a couple of years, what the Murdochs have done is take the populist voice, the anti-Ukraine voice, the anti-uniparty voice… the platform in mainstream media and primetime, the only voice out there of populist nationalism… they’ve taken it off through the 2024 election which as I’ve said from day one is what the Murdochs’ plan here is.”

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