‘She Has Testicular Cancer’ – ABC Show Features Transgender Debate

Autistic surgeon questions trans cult narratives

A clip from a 2018 episode of ABC’s The Good Doctor is going viral online as it features a discussion about transgender issues currently being debated around the nation.

The show’s main character, an autistic surgeon named Shaun Murphy, pushes back against a patient’s claim that they are transgender, saying, “Science says he’s male,” because he has XY chromosomes.

After another doctor suggests the patient’s gender is “mismatched,” Murphey says, “Quinn is a boy who thinks he’s a girl.”

The autistic doctor goes on to question the transgender patient about liking girly colors and wearing female clothes before being pulled away by a co-worker.

Next, the co-worker tells Murphey to “quit calling her a ‘he’” and claims he’s “disrespecting” the patient.

The protagonist sarcastically answers, “Transgender patient care was not part of my medical school curriculum,” asking his colleague, “Was it part of yours?”

“No,” the co-worker admits before a screen appears and shows the patient has testicular cancer.

“Quinn doesn’t have appendicitis,” says Murphey. “He has testicular cancer.”

In a hilarious and pathetic example of virtue signaling, the liberal doctor tries to correct him, retorting, “She has testicular cancer.”

This denial of reality and force-fed propaganda is being widely mocked online.

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