Tucker Carlson Called Fox News Executive C-Word And Was Proud Of It

Told lawyers not to have insult redacted in legal filing.

Tucker Carlson complained that him calling a Fox News executive the c-word had been redacted from a legal filing, saying he wanted everyone to know about it.

Carlson “parted ways” with Fox News on Monday under circumstances that have yet to be explained clearly by the network.

One of the reasons cited for his departure was the cable network’s legal fight with Dominion Voting Systems, with whom Fox eventually settled for more than $787 million.

A few weeks before Carlson was let go, Fox News lawyers triumphantly informed him that they had ensured text messages in which Tucker “called a senior Fox News executive the c-word” would be redacted from the legal filing.

However, the former Fox News host was proud of the insult and wanted his use of it to be made public.

“Mr. Carlson, Fox News’s most-watched prime-time host, wasn’t impressed. He told his colleagues that he wanted the world to know what he had said about the executive in a private message, the people said,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

The insult was likely aimed at Fox News Chief Executive Suzanne Scott, who “made the decision to oust” Carlson with Fox Corp. Executive Chair Lachlan Murdoch. It was previously reported that Carlson had problems with Scott for “years” and had gone “rogue” in his relationship with management.

A fuller picture of the circumstances behind the network’s decision to part ways with Carlson is now coming to light.

Tucker had basically created a show that was an “island” and refused to be controlled by top executives, who were concerned about his stance on issues such as January 6, the Ukraine war and Big Pharma’s COVID corruption.

Carlson “showed disregard for management and colleagues,” an approach that was a “major factor” in him being shown the door, according to the report.

As we highlighted yesterday, a former US Army psychological warfare officer says that Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox News because of the regime’s agenda to maintain an “uninformed semi lobotomized quasi retarded population.”

Fox News reportedly has a dirt dossier on Carlson that they will hand to adversarial legacy media outlets if he attacks the network publicly.

As we document in the video below, Fox News’ ratings have collapsed worse than they could have ever imagined after the popular host’s dismissal.



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