Flashback: America’s Shocking Trade in ‘Unwanted’ Children Exposed

Broken system and corrupt bureaucrats have allowed child trafficking networks to thrive in America for years.

A shocking 60 Minutes Australia exposé from 2018 lays out how many orphaned or abandoned children in the U.S. become caught in a trafficking network where they’re frequently “re-homed” to unvetted adults.

The description states:

If you think America is the heart of modern civilisation, this story will surely change your mind. There, a trade in unwanted children exists and the way they do it is distressing. It’s known as “re-homing”, and when parents decide they no longer want their adopted child, they simply advertise them on websites to lure prospective new parents. It’s as straightforward as getting rid of an old fridge on eBay. There is no vetting or court orders required and the children can be handed over to anyone. Not surprisingly, the consequences for these disposable kids are often disastrous.

It’s worth revisiting this shocking report amid emerging bombshell news from mainstream media sources that the Biden regime is ignoring and even facilitating forced child labor and trafficking in the U.S. as a result of its open-border policy.

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